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Client Nuun Hydration Date 2022
The Ask

Nuun asked us to create scroll-stopping creative to support their D2C promotions and sales.

Nuun had been supported by Auxiliary's sister agency, Add3, for a period of time and saw an opportunity to elevate some of their bottom-of-funnel, DTC digital creative. The Add3 team asked us to develop some concept ideas for bold, modern campaigns. Since then, we've been supporting Nuun in developing monthly social ad creative in support of their promotions and sales.

The Solution

Bold Type: We’ve seen ads with really bold type elements perform best historically for Nuun. Because of this, we aim to incorporate large typographic elements that clearly highlight the promotion or offer with each creative refresh.

Vibrant Colors: The Nuun team is willing to explore color with us for promotional creative. Based on season, we have experimented with a wide assortment of vibrant, eye-catching color that helps to highlight the Nuun tube.

The Solution

Fun Motion: Adding playful motion to the designs helps bring the creative to life and encourages users to engage when they’re scrolling on Instagram and Facebook.

Encourage Action: All of our creative is focused on generating clicks and sales from social ads. Because of this, our messaging remains clear and concise in all promotions.