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The Ask

Embody the 30 year history of a Seattle landmark but to also envision what the future of live music entertainment and hospitality can look like.

The Crocodile came to us to develop their brand identity for their new music venue which consists of a 750 person capacity showroom, 300 person capacity venue, 100 person seated comedy club, 2 new restaurant bars, and a 17 room hotel.

The Solution

We developed a brand identity system, messaging, and a suite of logos that are all under The Crocodile Venues umbrella but also stand out as their own entities. We wanted to ensure that each space had their own unique look and feel but still very much rooted under the overarching brand.

The Outcome

Hotel Crocodile: With Hotel Crocodile, we knew the challenge would be developing a new brand for a hotel immersed in Seattle’s most historic music venue and allowing it to get its own personality. We developed a logo that plays up the identity of the venue’s mascot and the keyhole of an old hotel door.

Madame Lou’s: Madame Lou’s, Crocodile’s smaller music venue, honors Seattle’s most infamous business woman and her gritty, empowering spirit. The logo mark symbolizes strength is reflective of the groundbreaking artists the venue will showcase.Emulating a lace pattern and Victorian era flowers, item bodies life growth, youth, and pleasure.

The Outcome

Here-After: Here-After, a 100 person theater and comedy club, resurrects the old Crocodile Back Bar to life. It is a symbol that not only embraces death but also celebrates rebirth. With a nod to coffins and graves, the icon doubles as a theater screen. The three rectangles locate the room in the new multi-level space.

The Society: For The Crocodile’s new street-side café and craft cocktail bar, The Society, we knew we wanted to create a timeless mark that was all encompassing. The idea here considers not only where we come from as individuals but how we can celebrate those worlds when they collide.