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The Ask

Auxiliary needed to build hype and generate capsule collection sales for the second Bel-Air Athletics drop.

Westbrook Media was about to launch their second Bel-Air Athletics limited-edition clothing line. Their first drop relied solely on Will Smith’s organic reach, but they wanted to tap into a new market through paid media for the second collection. We needed to design fresh creative built for performance while also paying tribute to an adored 90s sitcom.

The Solution

Nostalgia: We knew that our audience would respond to recognizable nods to 90s culture so we added unique visual elements to nearly every asset.

Sound Design: We leveraged elements from the show’s theme song to accompany our video asset – music and audio that appealed strongly to our core audience.

Tastemakers: While nostalgia was key, we also needed to appeal to the modern tastemaker with an affinity for streetwear. Photo selection and cropping were done intentionally to highlight the fresh apparel.

The Results

  • The assets produced a 1.46% click-through rate (CTR), which was 76% higher than the next round of ads.
  • The creative across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook drove nearly 200,000 visitors to the Bel-Air Athletics site where we saw a 2.48% conversion rate (CVR).
  • The high levels of engagement with our creative drove over $446,000 in revenue during the drop, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of $8.30.