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Client Palmdream Coconut Water Date Summer 2020
The Ask

Palmdream’s ownership approached Auxiliary to help them launch their coconut water brand in the US market via Amazon.

Palmdream had already found success in Dubai and Brazil. Our challenge was to take an established brand and reinvigorate it, specifically tailored for the US consumer and Amazon marketplace in the highly competitive beverage space.

The Solution

Motion Graphics: Across all of the asset types we developed for the brand, we put a large focus on stunning motion to really bring the creative to life and evoke a strong sense of flavor & hydration.

Market Research: Through industry research, we identified that focusing on Palmdream’s premium taste and social responsibility would be key in our success and that our visuals should be clean and vibrant.

The Solution

Landing Page: The Auxiliary team leveraged reactive parallax features, 3D bottle showcases, large imagery and custom CTA buttons to give the landing page a current, vibrant, and fresh look and feel.

Amazon Assets: We developed a custom storefront and flavor landing pages featuring large, vibrant imagery. To better tell the brand story we used A+ content to speak to Palmdream’s sustainability & single-use coconuts.

The Results

In the first ten weeks after launch, Palmdream sold over 2,500 units on Amazon.

The creative produced a minimum click-through-rate of 1.6% on social media. This is 60% higher than industry average of 1% CTR.

Palmdream saw an average 35% conversion rate on Amazon in the first ten weeks after launch.