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The Ask

Wave came to Auxiliary looking to develop a digital campaign to generate awareness and produce a high volume of orders during their biggest sale of the year – Cyber Monday.

The challenge is that the market for internet service providers is saturated with big-names and the holiday season isn’t lacking for good deals or sales. We needed to develop creative that stood out in the crowd, drew the attention of consumers, and really highlighted the great offer Wave was running.

The Solution

Channel Variety: We developed assets for a variety of channels to create a multi-pronged approach including ads for social media, GDN, programmatic display and YouTube.

Fun Illustrations: We incorporated fun, illustrated elements that were both eye-catching and relevant for the holiday season.

The Solution

Animation: Wave historically relied heavily on static assets. For Cyber, we introduced a lot of animated assets to draw their consumer’s attention.

Clear Message: We didn’t want the offer to be lost. Wave’s incredible offer is featured front & center and the star of the overall message.

The Results

  • The Cyber Sale assets resulted in a 50% increase in click-through rate (CTR) during the sale.
  • The creative across all channels drove 848 orders in two weeks, a 103% increase over the previous two weeks.
  • Instagram Stories creative, specifically, drove a 65% increase in landing page views in comparison to the previous week.