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Seattle Tattoo Expo

By Andy Savoie

Seattle Tattoo Expo has been the premier tattoo exhibition in America for the past 20 years. They came to Auxiliary to help refresh their overall brand identity and annual festival.


By Jan

Nuun asked us to create scroll-stopping creative to support their D2C promotions and sales.


By Jan

Rover asked us to reinvent a visual approach for social media ads.

King County Equity Now

By Megan

King County Equity Now (KCEN) is a pro-Black advocacy and policy-organizing nonprofit focused on developing liberated Black communities that own and control the resources and systems that impact Black lives.


By Megan

JoySauce asked us to develop a go-to-market strategy and launch their new digital media brand.

Bel-Air Athletics

By Megan

Auxiliary needed to build hype and generate capsule collection sales for the second Bel-Air Athletics drop.

IT Cosmetics

By Megan

IT Cosmetics & Add3 came to Auxiliary looking to increase performance on their social channels for a flash sale.

Wave Broadband

By Megan

Wave came to Auxiliary looking to develop a digital campaign to generate awareness and produce a high volume of orders during their biggest sale of the year – Cyber Monday.